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Water Borehole Surveys

If you are just interested in seeing if there is the potential for development of a borehole water source on your land we can do a geological and borehole desktop data survey from our office and computer.

We use the available information and analyse the historical borehole information to correlate as best as possible to your location.

We can usually find approximate depth and type of rock formation we are going to encounter whilst drilling as well as potential volumes of water that might be abstracted.

With our drilling experience and interpretation of the information available we can provide a reasonable prognosis as to what the potential outcome might be.

Obviously, until the drill bit and rods are in the ground we can never be entirely sure of what we are going to encounter.

A site visit after the initial desktop survey can often help position the borehole location and also assess well potential.

Please contact us for further information or if you are interested in a no-obligation initial survey.



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