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Filtration systems

Once a borehole has been drilled and the water source found it is tested for volume of flow and its recovery to its resting water level within the borehole after abstraction. This is done to ascertain the long term viability of the borehole water source.

If a borehole is pumped for 4 hours and the rest level drops from 10m below the ground level and top of the borehole to 25m below the ground level, how long does it take to recover to its original resting static water level of 10m? The amount of time to recover gives a good indication of flow rate.

Every borehole has a water analysis done by a specialist water testing laboratory. This will highlight ( or not ) the very occasionally found potential harmful content within the water.

The pH and hardness of a water source can be readily dealt with as can an excess of iron. The most critical of analysis finds is the coliform and bacterias that are usually associated with the feces of human and other mammal species.

These finds can indicate pathogens within the water and can cause illness and upset stomachs.

Fortunately a simply UV filtration treatment can negate these problems and make the water potable and non hazardous to health.

We can install filtration systems for domestic and commercial set ups as well as provide maintenance and annual inspections of existing filtration installations.

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Large Filtration Installation



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