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About Water Well Boreholes

What many people are unaware of is the fact that over 50% of our mains water is recycled waste water which is treated. To clean it of harmful bacteria it has Liquified Chlorine added during treatment as well as Liquified Sodium silicofluoride, Aluminium sulphate, Fluorosilicic acid and Calcium hydroxide albeit at very safe levels.


If you are fortunate enough to have ground water available on your land a water borehole, with sometimes the need for some simple filtration, it can produce a clean, environmentally beneficial as well an economical source of water.

The Environment Agency who monitor the water supplies of the UK allow, without licence, the abstraction of up to 20,000 litres of water per day from your own private supply. Most domestic properties will use up to only 500 litres per day.


Whether it is for domestic use for the household, livestock, irrigation or construction projects the benefits of having your own water source are many fold especially when the weather becomes challenging and seasonal rain water is sparse and it also remains unaffected by hosepipe bans.


With minimal disruption and with environmental consideration we can produce a borehole that has limited impact to your property and can be completed to reflect your requirements.

The Process


  We would have a conversation with you about the amount of water that you require and for what purpose.


Next, a preliminary desk top survey is conducted to consider the location and depth of the borehole required and this would be determined primarily using the geological and local borehole data that is available. With our experience combined with our survey finds we can make a good or otherwise prognosis for water.

If everything is looking promising we would then arrange a site visit to establish exactly where we would drill and make sure it all works with the infrastructure for getting the water to where you want it or options you have or may need to consider.


Once all is agreed we would set a start date for the drilling to begin and get everything in place to get onto site.


The mobile tracked rigs we use are able to drill up to 500m in depth but we would normally expect a return and source of water within 100m but it is unpredictable since the geology can vary considerably over short distances and across geological boundaries.

mud drilling.jpg

Mud drilling system in domestic garden

160m Borehole for a BioDigester.jpg


Depending upon the depth of the borehole it on average takes about a week to set up and drill to depth as well as establishing the well head.

For small domestic supplies nothing more than a manhole cover will be apparent housing the well-head.

Water samples and Filtration

A water sample is taken and sent to the lab for testing. Once the water sample results are returned, usually within 7 to 10 days and if nothing is found requiring filtration or treatment it is all set to be used.

If filtration is required for whatever reason we can get this assessed and attended to appropriately to produce potable water if this is what is required.



Drilling 170m borehole for BioDigester water supply

Running Well Casing.jpg

Running Well Casing

Air drilling in Oxfordshire.jpg

Air Drilling in Oxfordshire



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